Horse Racing

Horse Racing Tips

Horse racing or the sport of running horses at breakneck speed is one of the oldest games dating back to between 700 – 40 BC. Overtime, horse racing has evolved to become one of the most competitive games with pretty high stakes. Today, it’s perhaps the only sports that allow fans to participate directly in the game through wagering. It’s assumed to be the game of the affluent but this isn’t true.


People from humble backgrounds have joined the game and make a success of themselves. Horse racing just like any other sport has its rules. Day in day out, thousands join this lucrative profession to make a name and money. Sadly, very few of the existing or newbies are prepared to win even if they were to race against a chicken. Do you want to make a mark and stamp your authority in horse racing? Well, observe the following 7 Horse Racing Tips and you’ll never regret it.

Invest in your horse and yourself

To begin, as a horse racer you need to invest in your horse. A horse needs to be in good health to perform well at a race. Always ensure that the horse is taken care of at all times and on a racing day. It should be well fed, physically fit, and its stable should remain clean and free of pests at all time. Always use high quality horse racing equipment made from durable materials. There are only a few proven brands in the market and we would definitely recommend JockeyTack and Walsh products (made from Pro-Nylon). The price is expensive, but it worth every penny!


Also, ensure that you have relevant horse racing attires. This enhances comfortability during training and eventually on the material racing day. Never take a sick horse to a race even of they pay a million dollars for participation.

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