Horse Racing

How to Achieve Good Results in Horse Racing

Stick to the old adage- practice makes perfect. In order to reach your full potential as a horse racer, the daily practice must remain on top of your chores or schedule. Daily practice doesn’t only prepare your horse for endurance bit also equips it with vital racing tops. Horse racing, with just like any game gets better intense practice. During the practice session, try your best. If you keep on making pathetic mistakes, shed that off before it becomes a habit. Also, stick to your daily training schedule. Remember, there isn’t a secret formula for training for a horse race. The training routine needs to consist of both the long and short distance. Preferably, train at the venue you hope to compete during the material horse racing day.0513_malo_horse_racing

Passing the horse in front

Even if you practice daily, chances are that you’ll never have two horses to practice with at the same time. Not knowing how to pass the horse in front can cause you a fortune. As you race, if there is a horse in front and you want to overtake it, it is vital to feel and appear strong when overtaking. Stay directly behind until you’re ready to pass them with all the vigor and strength. Increase the speed as you overtake them until you’re at least 30m ahead.

Keep the weather in mind


The environment can play a crucial role in whether you win or lose a horse race. Wind and heat can wear down a horse and bring it down. If it is very windy on a material day, stay in the middle group. Keeping your horse somewhere in the middle of the pack let the other horses act as the wind barrier and helps your horse conserve energy especially if it’s a long distance race.

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