It's a novel bid to being well read in Rowville

A GROUP of aspiring writers in Rowville is challenging and critiquing each other's work on their journey to be the next break-out literary star.

Not content with being 'unpublished' writers led members to form the Rowville Aspiring Writers Club 12 months ago.

While novelists like EL James and Stephanie Meyer might have shown that getting a novel published is sometimes as much about controversy as talent, the group aims for the highest quality in its work.

Writers meet monthly at Rowville library and have about a dozen regular members of all age groups and walks of life.

Each month a writing challenge is set and when they meet, they read each other's work out loud for an honest review.

Member Margaret Gregory said the group enabled aspiring writers to learn about their strengths and weakness. "Personally, I find how different other people write interesting — each has their own distinct style."

Members are also taking part in a writing challenge, where each month a different member writes 250 words of a continuing story. They tackle a variety of styles, from fantasy and children's stories, to poetry. A blog is kept of some of their best work, as well as a compilation of their pieces at Rowville library.

Mrs Gregory said it was extremely handy to have a former English teacher among its group.

Amanda Lacey, 39, is one of the group's younger members and balances her passion for writing with part-time work and full-time parenting — "I slot it in wherever I can". Her goal, like others, is to become a published author and she has already begun work on her first novel.

Author Ron Williams was discussing his self-published novel The Pawnee Incident in a doctor's waiting room when a member of the writers' group happened to be there and invited him to join. He said the group had opened his eyes to countless writing styles. "We'll write about the same event but everyone sees it with different eyes," Williams said.

To view some of the group's work, visit

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