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Re: Dollars and sense, says Knox mayor

Residents would like a proper explanation of what this expensive superannuation top-up is exactly.

Some workers and self-employed do not get any superannuation at all. Why should our rates prop up some exclusive scheme for council's workers, especially as they are paid very well as it is? Let the truth be known, and this sumptuous scheme cut out.

Council workers will have to take their chances with their superannuation like the rest of the Australian population.

- No Brainer

Re: Bayswater crossings delay worry

Don't you love it? How could one crossing cost $150 million? Is it paved with gold?

We need a second quote as these figures sound like 'pie in the sky', trumped up to make it sound too unaffordable or unreasonable. How many people have to be disabled or killed before cost is reasonable? 

- Bayswater Liberal MP Heidi

Victoria tells us works will begin if the Baillieu government is re-elected in 2014. We have had all these sorts of carrots offered before. Labor promised the tram to Knox in 1999 then went back on it.

- Promises, promises

Road funding

Claims of a roads maintenance funding boost by the Baillieu government are a smokescreen for the fact that it has drastically cut its road resurfacing budgets.

Despite the claimed $45 million boost in funding, the fact is Roads Minister Terry Mulder and the Baillieu government have cut the roads resurfacing budget by 50 per cent in metropolitan Melbourne and 60 per cent in regional Victoria.

Mr Mulder may like to make funding announcements, but the devil is always in the detail, and the Baillieu government is failing to provide such detail for communities across Victoria.

Until this happens, Victorian communities will be left wondering if their ruined roads will ever be fixed.

- Luke Donnellan opposition spokesman for roads, road safety and the TAC

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