Indian mynahs can be told

I feed many types of birds in my garden: from the non-native ring-necked doves to crimson rosellas, blackbirds, thrushes, rainbow lorikeets, corellas, galahs and Indian mynahs (Weekly, November 21). 

I did have problems with the latter until I went out to the garden when they started intimidating the doves, waved a finger at them and told them, in no uncertain terms, not to do that! 

Guess what? I took me about three times of doing this and since then I have had absolutely no problems with them at all. 

Maybe instead of just deciding to kill them, more people should take into consideration that it is not the birds’ fault they are here and everything should be allowed a chance. It would be very interesting if those who are concerned with mynahs tried to help instead of murdering. 

— Pam Hubbard, Knoxfield 

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