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Re: Anti-Macca protesters halt meeting

Tecoma is one of the prettiest small towns in the Dandenongs. It's a very pleasant place to stop, have a coffee and wander around. It is usually quiet and not as crowded as several other places in the Dandenongs. It would be a crime to destroy this quality of the town. We do need to have special, almost sacred, places that are free of large commercial interests.

- G Thomas, Bayswater

Re: Height control move praised

Why do you want to go back to horse and cart? We need Ferntree Gully to have a plan to manage development in a realistic way, not a blanket that ties hands behind backs. Think about the future of the traders, look for innovative solutions, think long-term how can we best manage this.

- Maree0901 (via web)

Re: It's the height, not the view

Height limits mean nothing without controls on density. In Boronia, where a 7.5 metre (two-storey) limit was fought for, the developers get around this by partly excavating into the ground to get three storeys in. 

The result is still an unacceptable high-density apartment complex that is out of character for the area — people are crammed in like sardines; some even propose 'car stackers' to fit the huge number of cars that need to park there. 

The question is also: is the height limit mandatory or discretionary? If it's the latter, they can legally use all sorts of tactics and reasoning to go over the height, and you can bet they will try.

- Larry3485 (via web)

Re: Fears over rail project

Where is this Rowville rail line going to come from? You people are fighting a losing battle. There is no land for a rail line and putting it underground is not financially viable. Do you expect the state government to pull a few lazy billion dollars out of their coffers to help?

- Leonwyz (via web)

All the new housing estates are being built in

Melbourne's north and west and political parties prudent to catch votes will be putting any expensive rail or train in those areas first. 

Unless Rowville accepts the fact there would have to be another 100,000-plus inhabitants and high-rise apartments, the train will not happen. 

Perhaps it might be a good idea to support a tram to Knox City that, back in 1999, had the numbers for it. It's more achievable as it appears — only five kilometres of track would cost about $100 million, therefore making it not only a vote-catcher (a second time) but complies with cost-benefit analysis.

- All Aboard Tram to Knox (via web)

Re: 'Flying rat' plague no myna matter

I feed many types of birds in my garden: from the non-native ring-necked doves to crimson rosellas, blackbirds, thrushes, rainbow lorikeets, corellas, galahs and Indian mynahs (Weekly, November 21). 

I did have problems with the latter until I went out to the garden when they started intimidating the doves, waved a finger at them and told them, in no uncertain terms, not to do that! 

Guess what? It took me about three times of doing this and since then I have had absolutely no problems with them at all. 

Maybe instead of just deciding to kill them, more people should take into consideration that it is not the birds' fault they are here and everything should be allowed a chance. It would be very interesting if those who are concerned with mynahs tried to help instead of murdering.

- Pam Hubbard, Knoxfield

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