Carols night entertaining, educational

As the candles burn at carols by candlelight in The Basin on Saturday week, Captain Koala and Beeper will be helping spread the fire safety message to Knox residents.

The carols, run by the local fire brigade, had been held at The Basin Triangle for 31 years, CFA member April Himmelreich said.

Her mother, Lynda Dixon, was the first event co-ordinator. "They wanted to create something for the community to enjoy and it's developed into this." This year's event co-ordinator is Tamara Ahern.

A fire safety play, created by CFA educator, mother and children's performer Himmelreich, will debut prior to the carols.

The Captain Koala and April Show will star Captain Koala and Himmelreich, as well as Beeper, a smoke detector.

It's targeted at preschool and primary school-aged children and Himmelreich said the whole show was full of energy, with a catchy closing song titled Beep Beep.

Afterwards, parents and children can visit the characters to talk about fire safety and the upcoming fire season. "We've got up-to-date local information from local experts who can talk to local people," Himmelreich said.

Santa Claus will also be making a visit on a fire truck with some treats for the children, and

Himmelreich said The Basin CFA team was hoping for fine weather.

"It's been rained out the past five years. When you put in so much effort, it's terrible."

Himmelreich said she got tingles whenever she spoke about the community spirit the event nurtures. "Everyone is together, you forget the woes of the world. You're all sharing food and drink and there's a real community spirit."

The event was not-for-profit and was "purely for the spirit and soul of community involvement and engagement".

The Basin carols begin at 7.30pm on Saturday, December 15 in The Basin triangle and candles, programs, sausages and soft drink will be on sale.

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