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Re: Knox super: No 'silver bullet' for shortfall

You gotta be kidding. Ratepayers to pay for council staff super-dupa superannuation? Just cancel the whole disgusting scheme; how dare they say that the community has to pay. Take your chances with super like the rest of us — no freeloading top-ups.

Golden Bullet (via web)

Sack the greedy, grubbing lot including the Municipal Association of Victoria whose dream child this is. Ratepayers are not geese laying golden eggs for these turkeys. So much for the new mayor spouting off about making the council more financially responsible — pull the other leg.

Magic Bullet (via web)

Re: Call for PSOs at Ferntree Gully station

It makes me happy to have security guards there. I'm also a PSO security guard, I work for national protective services but we don't carry guns. I wish the government would hire more security guards with guns for other places. Maybe putting PSO security guards at shopping centres and chemists would be a big step forward. The PSOs are the first security guards to have police powers so I hope that eventually all security guards have police powers.

Johnny Gaperthope (via web)

Re: Cops all fired up over cigarette butts and cars

Good on ya Senior Sergeant Phil Edmunds — show no mercy to these simpletons, fine them a whole year's worth of cigarettes. One clown threw a butt out of the window from a car in front of me; it landed on my windscreen and fell under the wiper still alight and I had to stop and get it off. The young male driver thought it real funny.

Unfunny (via web)

Re: Tecoma McDonald's

I live in Chatswood NSW (nowhere near Tecoma) but fully support the residents who don't want McDonald's in their town. I will not buy anything from any McDonald's store until they promise to stay out of Tecoma, and will tell all my friends to do the same. Good luck!

Melinda S (via web)

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