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Re: Rowville rail study delay

My understanding is that the Rowville rail study — final copy — was delivered more or less on schedule to the state government; they've chosen to bury, umm, taken a democratic decision not to publish it.

David Stosser (via web)

I am concerned about the state government's commitment to improving the public transport needs of the Monash and Knox municipalities and surrounding suburbs. Why has there been a delay? I support Knox Council in asking Premier Ted Baillieu and Transport Minister Terry Mulder for the commencement of stage 2 of this report. Our community needs answers, and we need better public transport.

James (via web)

Re: Candidates coy on donations

Knox Weekly did the best questionnaire of all, asking candidates about themselves and political party memberships. Readers were well informed. The Municipal Association of Victoria should be sent a copy so they can see how to do it. The MAV is pro-council and lets councils do whatever they want. So it's laughable to read MAV spin — golly gosh, it's just like asking the fox to guard the chicken coop.

Trust Me (via web)

Re: Steps walkers shun fire warnings

I too drove up to find the steps closed on a total-fire-ban day but the fire station is 200 metres before the turn-off and I put two and two together. It's always hard explaining to kids why they can't do something when they see so many adults ignoring the signs.

Two cents (via web)

Re: Rowville Hawks' junior takeover

I hope this junior committee will get the hint and stand aside. Instead they are going to waste the club's fund on lawyers trying to fight the EFL and senior club's takeover. By getting lawyers involved, all that does is ensure there is less money to spend on the football equipment for the kids.

Also, having a quarter of the players who were registered from last year asking for a transfer to another club this year, should give the committee a clear understanding that families are not happy with the way they have been treated and the way the club is being run.

Troy Gaugg (via web)

Re: Well-known Stranger's 250 games

Congratulations to Darryl, who has been a great player for Bayswater and for Ringwood when he was younger.

Jason (via web)

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