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Re: Save Scoresby Village, say traders

Scoresby Village is a real turn-off for the elderly.  Wasn’t Melbourne 2030 a Labor plan, now abandoned by the state Liberal Party ? Sadly, if you ask Knox Council for anything these days they tell you our rates have to pay for their staff superannuation top up of $11million first ... oh, and $2million for their cracking uninsured building and paying interest debt of $12million for the fancy sports  precinct which, according to a ratepayers’ group, only 10 per cent of the Knox community will ever frequent. 

No Future (via web) 

Boronia an eyesore

Have you been to Boronia lately?  Concrete-jungle mess, no proper infrastructure or planning — just more rubbish from  60 apartments on a small block with parking for one car. 

Blackdahlia48 (via web)

Re: Rowville Rail study delay

Three billion dollars for a rail to Rowville? Whoa, Rowville Rail will not help most of the rest of Knox.  Next question: how much of ratepayers’ cash is being sucked out for all these never-ending train studies? 

Mark (via web) 

A $2.89 billion Rowville rail looks highly unlikely. It appears that East-West link from Carlton to Footscray is the immediate focus with the federal opposition promising $1.5 billion. Where would the other $1.4 billion come from?  Certainly not state funding.  More achievable would be a tram to Knox City, at  around $100 million. 

Malcolm (via web)

Re: Rowville rail: MPs to feel the heat

Why did Labor go back on its 1999 promise of a tram to Knox and why no Rowville Rail?  Is Rowville Rail unviable for both parties?    Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has stated he would supply $1.5 billion for the East-West link tunnel from Carlton to Footscray first up as his vision for Melbourne. Residents want answers or promises from Labor candidates, too.

Andrew (via web)

Knox Council needs to target federal Labor La Trobe MP Laura Smyth about the Rowville Rail, too.  Or is it a foregone conclusion it will be Liberal Jason Wood of La Trobe after the September 14 election?  

Jeff (via web)

Re: Development puts wildlife on outer

Knox Council does not care about the wildlife. They only care about the rates revenue. There should be more people in this world like Yvonne.

Bella (via web)

Re: Eastern Health hit hard

Clinicians and services go but the administrators and pen pushers in Eastern Health remain. But are  they  the ones who caused the problem in the first place? 

Sharon, Boronia (via web) 

Candidates coy on disclosing donations

All donations, no matter how small, should be declared. There have always been questions about party-backed candidates. A direct-letter campaign would cost more than  $8000 for Baird Ward. It would be very easy to receive donations of stamps, which are almost untraceable. 

Garrie James, Baird Ward candidate (via web)

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