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Re: Knox trees removal plan angers

We live on the corner Stud Road and Lakeview Avenue, Rowville, and have a very large gum tree that drops branches which block our driveway and footpath and fills our spouting with leaves. Driving out of our driveway is dangerous because of the tree blocking vision of traffic. We would really like our tree removed.

Suzanne (via web)

We live in Eildon Parade, Rowville, and we are subject to the same indiscriminate removal of trees. While there are some trees that should be removed, why for heaven’s sake is Knox Council removing trees around the surrounds of the oval in Eildon Parade? We have lived in Rowville for 20-plus years and I can assure residents that 20 years ago the suburb had no birdlife (there are currently more than 12 species in my backyard at any given time) and it was a barren outer suburb. Removing these trees subjects all to a return to this sort of landscape without birdsong and other wildlife. We become just another outer suburb. If one needs testament to the devastation caused by the removal just visit Goulbourn Parade. I bet they endured a baking hot summer without the shade and foliage that was once present. The council needs to be held accountable. 

John Stanley (via web)

The Weekly asks if Knox Council’s tree removal program is right for the municipality. The answer is a definite ‘yes’. Many areas of Knox are getting older and gum trees planted on the nature strip are becoming too big.Have a look at the mess on the roads and in the gutters, the poor grass on nature strips and front lawns, uneven footpaths, and unsightly tree roots. We have on many occasions had to remove large branches from the road during and after storms. Should one of these large trees come down, it will fall on properties. Surely it is time to look at some ongoing program to update our nature strips with trees that are more appropriate to allow cleaner and greener nature strips, gutters and roads.

Shirley Sak, Wantirna South

While some trees cause issues with things such as drainage and therefore might need to be removed, I do not support the wholesale removal of mature, healthy gum trees. The way Knox Council cut down all the beautiful trees in Goulburn Drive last year was environmental vandalism. The best thing about living in Knox is the trees and open spaces. I cannot imagine why anyone in their right mind would contemplate removing every tree along streets such as Lakeside Boulevard and Taylors Lane. The entire character of the area will be changed, not to mention the effect on all our beautiful native birds.

HMT (via web)

I love trees and native wildlife, but not all trees are suited to urban streets. On two occasions large branches have without warning crashed to the ground from the large gum trees outside my residence as they are prone to doing. Had they fallen onto a passing car or pedestrian the result may well have been fatal. They shade my house and make the installation of a solar system unviable. I have spoken with several people in Goulburn Avenue and all were extremely glad to have large and dangerous trees removed. A more balanced article would have been appreciated.

Suitable Trees Please (via web)

I live in Ferntree Gully and I would welcome all the trees in Segarta Circuit being removed. We petitioned Knox Council and had people out to see damage it was doing plus the mess the trees make. All they did was send a road sweeper more often. Trees belong in national parks, not in our streets.

Gwen (via web)

Where l live, some of the trees in the nature strips are fine, but the gum tree in my nature strip has already busted up the footpath. Also, l cannot grow any grass on the nature strip. l agree, get rid of all the gum trees! 

Craig (via web)

These people have got to be kidding. These trees have a habit of dropping branches at any time.My understanding is that Knox Council’s insurers have advised them that they more than likely would not be covered by the insurance company for injury to a person or property damage. I am all in favour of council removing them as I do not want to be injured by a falling branch from any one of these trees. 

Jonk (via web)

Re: First round won, fight not over

Not fair. One set, or lack of, rules for Boronia and another for Ferntree Gully. Who’s next for obliteration with concrete jungles: Mountain Gate or Rowville? The councillor for Boronia needs to stand up for his ward, maybe get some spine from the mayor.

Boof (via web)

Re: Homeless wait ‘years’ for housing

Mark Dixon, general manager of homelessness services at UnitingCare Harrison, needs a medal. Homelessness could happen to any of us; just one bit of ill-health, marriage breakdown, disabled child, etc, and you too might be homeless. The $30 million government funding for the Grand Prix should be immediately put into housing. The United Nations is out of place insisting we take displaced persons when we already have 46,000 homeless in Victoria on any night.

Sandy (via web)

Re: Poll fight goes Italian

Cr Joe Cossari is the man for the job in the Italian Parliament. He has better knowledge than most on what is happening in the lives of overseas Italians across this region of the world. Cr Cossari has dedicated a large chunk of his life to support overseas Italians and to promote the Italian culture he is so proud of. This is a person whose heart is in the job; his love for Italy cannot be questioned. 

Peter Cole OAM (via web)

Cr Joe Cossari is a real go-getter and always puts in 150 per cent. A vote for Cr Cossari is a vote for a real representative who listens, consults and actions things to benefit the entire community.

Rosetta Christaudi (via web)

All the other councillors have full-time jobs and businesses, so what is the problem? Pensioners love our Cr Cossari as he led the charge for our extra $50 rate rebate when all the others were against us.

Sandra (via web)

Re: Ifs and butts on alfresco smoke ban

What happened to common sense, live and let live, and try to get along with each other? The professional anti-smoker zealots are the ones who need to butt out. It is outdoors.

Flex (via web)

Re: Texting drivers: r u crazy’?

Since police officers are allowed to talk on a mobile phone while driving because they are trained to, I’d like to do that training so I can legally drive while talking on my phone.

Lee (via web)

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